Clinicians' Corner

Welcome to The Brain Health & Wellness Project!

We are excited to invite you to join The Brain Health & Wellness Project which helps Canadians improve health and wellness one small step at a time! This project is being led by the Canadian Coalition for Seniors Mental Health in collaboration with the Fountain of Health™ initiative. The project is funded by the Researcher-Clinician Partnership Program (RCP2) of the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI).

You Are Invited

Are you interested to take a first step to improve your health and wellness?  Sign up to use The Wellness App today! The Wellness App supports you to set and meet a small, doable health goal in the coming 4 weeks in an area known to promote brain health and wellness. The Wellness App will also remind and encourage you along the way!

For Clinicians Only

Are you a busy clinician who wants to promote patients’ self-care easily and effectively? You are invited to register to join The Brain Health & Wellness Project!

Once registered our project team is here to support you, the busy frontline clinician, to promote patients’ self-care and reduce dementia risk in an easy and efficient way as part of routine care. Our project team will provide you with the training, paper and e-materials, and support you need along the way.

You can invite 5 or more of your patients to set one doable health goal within a one-month time period. Patients can use paper-based tools and/or register to use The Wellness App to receive support and encouragement between visits. You can also use these materials with patients’ family members, caregivers and others.

Clinicians only. Please register today!

Clinician Registration