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Welcome Clinicians!

Are you a busy clinician who would like to have quick, easy-to-use health behaviour change tools for your practice? If so, you are invited to join The Brain Health & Wellness ProjectClick here to learn more and register to receive free support, training, and your copy of the Health Behaviour Change Toolkit. Or you can email us at

Watch a 5 minute video on how to use our health behaviour change tools in frontline care.


Download Easy-To-Use Office Tools


Are you a clinician willing to try these tools out with 5 or more of your patients? If so, please register to join The Brain Health and Wellness Project! You will receive extra support, training, and your own hardcopy of the Behaviour Change Toolkit. Our team is here to support you!

In The Brain Health and Wellness Project, clinicians invite 5 or more of patients over 40 years of age to set a health goal, in the course of usual care. The goal is documented on the Goal Doc Sheet, one per patient. Patients can also register to use The Wellness App to complete the above pre- and post-Health and Resilience Questionnaires, set and track their goal, and receive encouragement from the App between visits. Clinicians check-in again in person or by phone about month later, to find out how it went and complete the Goal Doc Sheet.