Clinicians' Corner - Get Involved!

Join The Wellness Project

The Wellness Project is a national initiative that invites you to use Fountain of Health tools in your practice.  Access your own Health Behaviour Change Toolkit and receive education and support by joining us in a quality assurance project. To try it out, email us at

Or you can access our Health Behavior Change Toolkit directly:

Run a Workshop

Do you work in the community? We offer powerpoint packages to roll out 4 -6 session  workshops on activating health behavior change for library and community settings. If you would like to facilitate a 4 week workshop in your community, check out How to Facilitate a 4 Week FoH Workshop!. If you have questions, contact us at

Invite a Speaker or Give a Talk

If you would like to have a Fountain of Health speaker visit your hospital department, health centre, or community please email us at

If you would like to present on the topic of brain health and health behavior change, we can help support you with materials, resources, references and prepared powerpoints. Check out How to Give a Talk on the FoH. If you have questions contact us at