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On this page find helpful tools, exercises, and links to help you tap into your Fountain of Health™!

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Fountain of Health Tools

Five key Fountain of Health messages and actions you can take for optimal aging (downloadable/printable PDF form)
Write your goals down on this printable form to help you achieve them.
Use this exercise to reflect on your beliefs.
Getting the mental health care you need as you age is very important. This booklet describes common misconceptions about getting mental health care help and describes a typical mental health visit.
A video of a real family whose father develops depression.
Mindfulness and Optimal Aging, with David Whitehorn, PhD, MSN, (Age 74). Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University and Director, Atlantic Contemplative Centre.

Other Tools

Join a global mindfulness community that supports and guides a daily mindfulness practice.
The Self-Assessment Kiosk is user-friendly, flexible, anonymous resource that allows users to measure up to 18 domains of mental and general health using valid questionnaires.
An online and downloadable Cognitive Behavioral Therapy workbook with exercises to address negative thought patterns and behaviors.
Free Brain Health Assessment from Baycrest.
Your Brain Matters 5 steps to brain health and preventing dementia. See the video, take a quiz, or try out BrainyApp.

Helpful Links

Hello Brain provides easy-to-understand scientific information about brain health.
A national resource for seniors mental health, with clinician and patient and family guidelines on topics such as: depression, suicide, delirium and dementia.
This site offers a wealth of healthy aging information based on scientific evidence, both for the public and clinicians.
See the full Guidelines, or the shorter Handbook with log books with examples of ways you can incorporate physical activity into your schedule. Use the blank logs at the back of the handbook to track your own progress!
Access federal and provincial information about the services, benefits, programs and initiatives available to seniors in your province.
A national organization in support of Canadians living with mental illness and their families.
This website offers resources and tools to support physical activity and active living to promote independence and well-being.
Visit Canada's centre of excellence on memory and aging.
A Doctor-Professor answers the question "What is the single best thing we can do for our health" in a completely new way.

FoH Publications

Please visit the Fountain of Health Research page.

What's the evidence?

Click here to find research papers and references showing the scientific evidence to back up each of the five key Fountain of Health™ areas for optimal aging