Fountain of Health Projects

The Fountain of Health Initiative for Optimal Aging has several active research projects underway to further develop and improve our educational materials:

  1. The Mental Health Clinician Pilot Project: This project engaged mental health clinicians throughout Nova Scotia in using the FoH education materials in clinical practice. The results of this project were presented at the 2014 Canadian Academy for Geriatric Psychiatry meeting in Toronto, and the 2015 International Psychogeriatrics Association meeting in Berlin. Our research was published in the Canadian Geriatrics Journal
  2. Health Promotion In Frontline Healthcare Project:

    Phase I: In 2016, FoH engaged Nova Scotian family physicians to use FoH clinical tools in clinical practice. Quality assurance measures captured the usefulness and feasibility of the existing materials. This project was funded by a Positive Aging Grant from the NS Department of Seniors.

    Phase II: In 2017, with funding from the Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health, the FoH streamlined the clinician tools for health promotion in clinical practice for use across clinical settings in the Nova Scotia Health Authority. 

  3. Age Friendly Communities Peer-Leadership Project: 

    Phase I: In 2016, this project senior leaders with material needed to run a 6 week educational workshop. Attendees were invited to learn about the 5 areas of healthy aging and to set a goal in each area. Quality measures captured how the workshops were received and impacted on participants. This project was funded by a Horizons Grant Canada.

    Phase II: In 2017 with an Age Friendly grant from the NS Department of Seniors, FoH collaborated with the Canadian Mental Health Association to scale up the peer leadership group in more locations across Nova Scotia.