The Wellness Project

Welcome to The Brain Health & Wellness Project!

We are excited to invite you to join The Brain Health & Wellness Project which helps Canadians improve health and wellness one small step at a time! This project is being led by the Canadian Coalition for Seniors Mental Health in collaboration with the Fountain of Health™ initiative. The project is funded by the Researcher-Clinician Partnership Program (RCP2) of the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI).

You Are Invited!

Are you interested to take a first step to improve your health and wellness? Sign up to use The Wellness App today! The Wellness App supports you to set and meet a small, doable health goal in the coming 4 weeks in an area known to promote brain health and wellness. The Wellness App will also remind and encourage you along the way!

For Clinicians Only  

Are you a busy clinician who wants to promote patients’ self-care easily and effectively? You are invited to register to join The Brain Health & Wellness Project!

Once registered, our project team is here to support you the busy frontline clinician to promote patients’ self-care and reduce dementia risk in an easy and efficient way as part of routine care. Our project team will provide you with the training, paper and e-materials, and support you need along the way.



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