Research shows that there are five actions you can take to maximize your health and happiness no matter what your age.

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Clinician's Corner

Healthcare providers are invited to try Fountain of Health™ health behaviour change tools to promote brain health and resilience in practice. The Fountain of Health™ tools can be easily blended into routine care, and take only about 10 minutes to use.

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The Fountain of Health™ Invitation: Discover 5 Things You Can Do For Long Term Health

Changing the way you think might be one of the most important ways to stay healthy! Here are the 5 key actions that can help you stay healthy for life:

Physical Activity
Physical activity is great for brain and body health and research shows it is one of the best ways to maximize mood and memory right across the lifespan.
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Brain Challenge
Did you know challenging your brain with mental exercise is just as important as physical activity?&nbsp; No matter what age you are, using our brain to learn something new is great for long term wellness.
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Positive Thinking
It turns out, attitude is key for our health and happiness right across the lifespan. Learn more about the power of thinking!
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Mental Health
Taking care of mental health is a vital ingredient for physical health and well-being.&nbsp; It involves attention to self-care, including stress management, sleep, nutrition and care with substances like alcohol.
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