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One in five Canadians will have mental health problems that get in the way of life. Without mental health, it’s hard to have a sense of well-being. Do you worry about your mood, experience excess anxiety, alcohol or substance use? Your mental health matters and early detection and treatment is important since most mental health problems are treatable.

No matter what age you are, it is worth talking to your doctor or a nurse practitioner about your mental health in the same way you would try to look after your physical health.

Did You Know?

Ideas to Get Started!

Strategies to manage stress. We all have stress and challenges in our lives. The body’s stress response happens whenever you feel worried or unsure- stress chemicals are released, heart rates go up as muscles tense. Stress in short bursts is completely normal, but chronic or overwhelming stress is not good for our physical or mental health. The relaxation response is also a normal body reaction that relaxes you, to digest your food or fall asleep at night. Three effective relaxation techniques to try are: deep breathing, yoga and mindfulness.


Set a Valued Goal!

Valued goals

Set a valued SMART goal from the Ideas to get Started list, or choose one of your own. Remember the more specific, measurable and realistic your goal, the more likely you are to succeed!

Invitation: We invite you to try out The Wellness App to track your goal over the next 4 weeks. No goal is too small and The Wellness App will encourage you along the way!

Explore Further!


Still not sure what to do?         
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