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The Fountain of HealthTM is a national non-profit association that shares the science of wellbeing. Our education focuses on six actions that research shows can maximize your health and happiness.

Our Thrive Learning Centre offers resources and education for individuals, organizations and clinicians on how to put wellbeing science into action.

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Dr. Keri-Leigh Cassidy, Founder introduces the THRIVE © Approach to Wellbeing

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Dr. John Chiasson shares evidence and Thrive Learning Centre resources.

What is the THRIVE © Approach to Wellbeing?

Fountain of Health’s THRIVE © Approach to Wellbeing is a unique integration of key findings from scientific research on wellbeing, brain neuroplasticity, resilience, preventative medicine, and behaviour change. The program was developed by Dr. Keri-Leigh Cassidy in collaboration with other international experts and national contributors.

Does the Fountain of Health™ approach work?

Tested in over 1500 people, 80% at least partially achieved a goal and reported improved wellbeing in just 4 weeks.

The THRIVE © Approach includes six high impact actions known to promote wellbeing:

Thoughts: Positive Thinking

It turns out, your thoughts are a key to good health. Due to brain "neuroplasticity" your brain is changed by your thoughts and actions. Learn more about the power of thinking!

Health Habits: Physical Activity and Healthy Eating.

Physical activity is one of the best ways to promote brain “neuroplasticity” and to improve health and mood. Healthy eating is a key ingredient for wellbeing, at every age!

Relationships: Social Activity.

Having positive relationships are important for wellbeing. Connecting with others improves mood, and supports brain health across the lifespan.

Interest: Brain Challenge.

Did you know challenging your brain with mental exercise is as important as physical activity? Engaging your mind with your interests promotes brain health and wellbeing.

Valued Goals: SMART Goal-setting.

What matters most to you? Set a “SMART” micro-goal to do something meaningful to you. When your actions line up with your values, wellbeing and happiness grow.

Emotions: Taking Care of Mental Health.

Taking care of your emotional health is vital for wellbeing. Notice your feelings, manage stress, get enough sleep and take care with substances like alcohol.

What We Offer


Invite one of our academic or physician Fountain of Health experts across Canada to speak at your next meeting about the science of wellbeing and happiness.

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The Thrive MD Physician Wellness Program supports physicians to apply the science of wellbeing for their own health and happiness to jumpstart self-care.

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Changing the way you think about aging is an important way to stay healthy! This 4-week program can improve your wellbeing and outlook on aging.

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The Wellness App invites you to rewire your health habits for long-term wellness! Small changes over time can make a great difference to your health.

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