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Clinicians' Corner

Welcome Clinicians!

Welcome to Clinicians’ Corner! Our clinician resources are intended for use by regulated healthcare providers only. Our Thrive Learning Centre offers clinician training and tools to support your own wellbeing, and support patient self- management.


An Accredited Course for Clinicians:* Our “5-minute CBT” online course is taught by leading Canadian experts in health behaviour change.


Designed for the busy clinician to learn brief Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) tools to improve coping and health outcomes for patient self-management and for personal benefit. This course brings minimal intervention to life, deepens understanding of behaviour activation and enhances competence in using tools for yourself and for a wide range of patients, diseases and disorders.  The course offers an introduction to CBT to enhance competence using the Fountain of HealthTM Health Behaviour Change Toolkit and to support effective self-management in a wide range of patients and disorders.

*Note: This course is for regulated healthcare providers only. Join our waitlist and register today!



The 5-minute CBT course” was fantastic. Practical, easy to use strategies, and client-focused. Such great examples that really helped me to think about ways to use strategies with my clients.  A chance to connect with other clinicians, and really enhanced my knowledge and my ability to be a useful part of behaviour change.” 
-Course participant

MEET the 5-Minute CBT Course Instructors

Dr. Keri-Leigh Cassidy, MD, FRCPC is a Professor of Psychiatry and founder of the Fountain of Health. Dr. Cassidy is a leader in positivism in healthcare.  Dr. Cassidy has received several national awards including the 2016 CAGP Outstanding Contributions in Geriatric Psychiatry.

Dr. Michael Vallis, PhD is a Health Psychologist, behavioural change expert and the founder of the Dalhousie University’s Behaviour Change Institute. Dr. Vallis is a national expert on chronic disease management and recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Dr. Linda Gobessi is affiliated with the Geriatric Psychiatry Community Services of Ottawa and is a consulting psychiatrist to Bruyere Continuing Care.  She obtained her Medical Degree at the University of Toronto, her residency at McGill University and her fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry at the University of Ottawa.  Currently she teaches, supervises and works collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team that provides outreach services to the elderly in their homes.  She is also a clinical supervisor and lecturer at the University of Ottawa. Her professional interests include psychotherapy with the elderly and providing care for people with dementia and their families.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Gain experience using Fountain of Health’s TM approach to promote their own wellbeing
  • Be familiar with readiness assessments and indications for Behaviour Activation (BA), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and enhanced CBT
  • Understand how to apply behaviour change across patient types, health conditions and stages of patient readiness
  • Apply “5-min CBT” 3- step approach for effective health behaviour change using SMART goals in a range of patients

Course Components:

  • One 2-hour webinar and four weekly 1.5-hour webinars by Zoom (synchronous attendance required for credit)
  • Accredited online course materials on Brightspace (2.5 CME credit hours per week)
  • Based on adult learning principles – experiential with interactive online discussion forum, readings, quizzes, and practice tools for core skills.
  • Accredited for up to 18 hours MainPro+

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In the 5-minute CBT course you will learn how to use the Health Behaviour Change Toolkit in practice.

Are you a busy clinician who wants quick, effective health behaviour change tools to improve patients’ self-management? The Health Behaviour Change Toolkit is intended for regulated healthcare providers who complete the “5-minute CBT” Online Course. The Toolkit includes everything you need to set health goals and track health behaviour change with your patients.

Try our ToolKit

The Toolkit has been field-tested in over 800 outpatients in healthcare settings across Canada. Among patients of clinicians using this Toolkit, results show significantly improved well-being (85%) and high levels of goal attainment (89%).

For more details please see Our Research.

5-Minute CBT Course Results:


Met or exceeded their own health goal


Improved their wellbeing as a result of meeting their goal


Will use SMART goal setting after the course


Found the clinical tools useful in practice


Would strongly recommend the course to others



To date, over 2200 clinicians have received training on using the Health Behaviour Change Toolkit. The vast majority of clinicians report the Toolkit is easy to use, well-received by patients and effective in promoting health behaviour change.

Dr. Beverley Cassidy describes how to use the Fountain of Health behaviour change tools in frontline care.

Hear comments from Dr. Paul Blackburn, Geriatric Psychiatrist from Vancouver


The Thrive MD Physician Wellness Program

Are you a physician? Register for Thrive MD Physician Wellness Program. This innovative program supports physicians to promote their own personal wellbeing using the Fountain of Health’s THRIVE © Approach to Wellbeing.

Dr. Ali Manning shares her Thrive story


“The Fountain of Health is the first nationally scaled wellness and resilience program of its kind, developed by physicians to offer a scientific, evidence-based approach to improving health and wellness. We are proud to support and enhance this unique program, especially at this time where wellness of health workers is critical. “ - Dr. Katharine Smart, President, Canadian Medical Association

Use The Wellness App for Your Own Wellbeing

Would you like support to set and meet your health goal? Try out The Wellness App for yourself - you can use it with your patients too! The Wellness App is free, web-based and usable on any device (computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android device).


When registering, please enter your App profile page as: “A clinician using the App for myself.”


What are clinicians saying about

Fountain of Health's Thrive Learning Centre Training?


“I really like when things are measurable and you can check off items so the Wellness App will be very applicable for my patients and practice! I even referred a friend to the Wellness App.”


"SMART goals are something that I can incorporate into my practice as a tool for patients to guide behaviour change. I like the specificity of SMARTer goals. I have already found myself using SMART goal-setting with patients with great results."


“As physicians, we tend to preach health as being the absence of disease that is not something we do deliberately. Fountain of Health can shift your attitude from passive to active, and then proactive. You can influence your wellbeing.”


“I was reminded of how much a person’s attitude can make a difference. Patients are often looking to us for some guidance… Changing the focus from things that went wrong to things that are actually going well can make a big difference.”

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